Mandolin Picker’s Guide to Bluegrass Improvisation


A new book on improvisation is now available for
bluegrass mandolin players. Based on the concept of learning by playing,
this 200 page book covers a wide range of improvisation tools and how
to implement them in your playing. A large number of examples are
presented in both tablature and standard notation, so that a theoretical
background is not required. The small amount of theory needed is simply
presented and easily learned step by step.
A series of exercises designed to help the player develop
improvisational skills are included in the book. As an instruction tool,
the book can easily be combined with the instructor’s individual
philosophy or by a student wishing to study alone. The subject matter is
varied in difficulty and can be used by both the beginner and more
advanced player as an instructional guide and reference book. The
major-themes in the book are: The pentatonic sound, scale and
major-chord based improvising with any Bluegrass-Tune, Double-stop
improvisation, Minor chords and Keys, The blues sound, Melody oriented
improvisation, How to use: Monroe Style, Cross picking, Hot licks, how
to simplify a lick, and more. MP3 CD accompanies book featuring all

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