Hey Greg,
I want to personally thank you for doing me and Hank a great big favour in packing and shipping the fender. Wow man, nice job, It arrived this morning in perfect shape, and I am thrilled to pieces to start playing around with it…… you did me a solid man, and I owe you one, big time. Dinner or lunch will be on me next time I venture to Msla. Ya never know it may still happen this year, but getting the time is gonna be a bit tricky. On another note, the Bourgeois is sounding better and better every time I play it. I’m astounded by the tone. And as you said once, the thing practically plays itself, all the ringing and vibration, I’m learning how to damp it off while I play it for all the sounds coming out of that box. and the Weber? such a beautiful mandolin …..again, that one is still opening up I believe, it shocks me too, everytime I play it. phew. so little time……… so, with much to be grateful for I thank you again my friend for being apart of my musical life.
Cheers, and I hope you are well.
Scott G. (down under)

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