1965 Fender Bandmaster Amp in Repro Brown Cab


Wonderful big gig amp; a 1965 Bandmaster in a newer repro brown tolex cab.



SN# A 08023 •  3 Weber 10″ Speakers

This amp is great.  Just like it reads, this 1965 Fender Bandmaster amp put into a repro Brown Tolex cabinet.  It looks perfect, and is the right look of an authentic brown cabinet from 1963.   Newer power cord.  Original footswitch.

The retro cabinet looks just like an original brown tolex cabinet, with just enough light normal wear to look just like a well cared for original.  This is a powerful amp at 40 watts RMS.

Yes, we can ship this amp… but please understand that we will dismantle it first, into its 4 main components, and ship them separately.
The cabinet, the chassis, the speakers and the tubes, ALL must be packed and shipped separately.
Cost of Shipping:
Dis-assembly, individual packing, individual shipping, materials to ship, labor for shipping… will cost between $250-$300, depending on destination (lower 48 states domestic shipping).
Call us to discuss.