Ballistic Banjo Case Cover – made in USA


This made in USA Ballistic banjo case cover is the best one we’ve ever seen.


This is the hardiest and longest wearing case cover I have ever been around.
Fits over most resonator 5-str banjo hard cases: TKL, Gibson, Huber, Prucha, Stelling, Bishline, Calton, etc.

Made in Idaho from same Ballistic woven cloth that swat teams make their bullet-proof vests from.
Very durable and easy to use.
Best durable zipper, and a velcro flap to secure over or under the case handle.

Greg Boyd has personally used the same ballistic case cover for his 2003 banjo for over 20,000 miles strapped onto a gs motorcycle.
And has travelled by car to many other festivals, campouts, performances.
Even after dust, mud, rain and sun abuse, the case cover barely shows any wear.

Its just the best one!


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