Blues Hardware Model A


A great innovative mandolin from one of our local builders.


SN: AM014  •  1-3/16″ Width at Nut

Maple back and sides with Spruce top. Body is bound with Rosewood on the top and back. Radiused Jatoba fingerboard. Abalone dot inlays. Bone nut. Blues Hardware logo is inlaid in top of peghead. Handmade pickguard that is designed very well. Hand-made 2-pc. adjustable bridge. Hand-made tailpiece. 3-D printed sound dampener near bridge. Elliptical crescent soundholes on top. These soundholes are approximately 5″ long, and are bound with Maple, achieving a very beautiful and unique look. Nickel tuners.

The elliptical sound holes: These are a wonderful innovative design by Tom Sheehy. From the side of the mandolin the elliptical soundholes show an elegant “pucker”, almost like a half open fish’s mouth. Our photos don’t do them justice. Its almost as if Tom heated the Spruce top and bent the top edge of the soundhole upward in an arch… but these are carved this way and also bound with wooden binding.

The maple back of this mandolin is a prototype design. Tom thinned the wood much thinner than normal, then he laminated a thin woven sheet of carbon fiber to the inside for strength. It works quite well, with quick tonal attack and no loss of depth.

Excellent sound and playability from an esteemed local Missoula builder.

$1850 w/ Gig Bag