Bobelock Fiberglass Mandolin Case


Excellent fiberglass case for F or A mandolins.


Fiberglass Mandolin Cases.

Bobelock fiberglass cases are favorites among many people who play mandolin and travel with their instruments. They are constructed very well and feel so solid that you can tell it would take quite the effort to harm an instrument while resting inside this case. As a bonus, they are lighter and less expensive than other famous brand fiberglass cases.

These cases are designed to fit most traditional construction “F-models” and “A-models”.
Comes with a padded travel cover, inside instrument blanket, shoulder straps, and hygrometer to monitor humidity.

Choose between these colors:
Black / Wine interior
Ivory / Blue
Red / Gray
Green / Tan
Blue / Gray

*Call us to find out which colors are available – 406/327-9925.