c.1900 Joseph Bohmann Violin


These Jos. Bohmann violins have proven to be consistently good players.

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Joseph Bohmann was a proud maker who ran a renowned production shop in Chicago that made really good bowlback mandolins, guitars, banjos and fiddles. Joseph Bohmann fiddles are known for having a certain high quality and standard. Bohmann is known for doing little extras on these violins, like fluting the little peninsulas of wood around the F holes and the points. His violins had a glossy finish. Bohmann left evidence that his violins were carved with chisels and finger planes, with no sand paper to make those cuts lay smooth.

This Joseph Bohmann is a very handsome example of the quality work they produce. This violin is a one-piece back and has a Spruce top. The back, sides, and neck are flamed maple. The Spruce top has special character, showing some crazy bookmatched grain in the upper bout, almost like there was a fold in the wood.

This Violin is in very good shape with no cracks or repairs. Has Ebony fittings, and a good bridge. Has a fresh setup with helicore strings.
Nice voice.

Comes with hard case.