Doc’s Banjos Aero 12″ Open Back- SOLD


This is a very attractive piece of wood sculpture as well as being a fine banjo.

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New condition  •  Wood tone ring
1-5/16″ width at nut  •  25″ scale
SN# 224

This open back Aero banjo from Doc’s Banjos is a sculpted piece of art. Artistically made block pot 12″ rim shows care of construction in the layering of various woods, and is sculpted inside. The colorful hardwoods make the rim very attractive, and his use of wood sculpting and even the colorful hide head, helps to make this a very attractive piece of art that also is a good sounding banjo. The golden aspect of the neck wood perfectly shows off the attractive dark wood fingerboard and peghead overlay. Way too many nuanced carved lines to accurately report here… Hopefully there will be enough photos to show everything!

Banjos like this, if bought new, sell today for $4395 and up. Take advantage of one in almost new condition for much less.
Antique brass hardware. This banjo is set up well, with a fresh set of nylon strings and a “freshening-up” of the head tension.
It sounds quite good.

Comes w/ good hard case.