EG Smith Slide – Smooth


Greg Boyd exclusive, EG Smith Slides are cast stainless steel, hand buffed and polished to create what many believe is one of the best slides available. Approx 2 and 7/8 inch long and weigh a little over 5 oz.


These stainless steel bars for Steel Guitar and Dobro have been sought-after items since they were conceived in 1972, by Elvis Gene Smith, a noted Montana Dobro and Steel Guitar player.
EG Smith sold the company to Greg Boyd after putting Greg Boyd thru a punishing apprenticeship of grinding and polishing these slides, which EG referred to as, “bars”.

The same family has been supplying the raw “plugs” for these bars since the early 1970’s.
Like always, they are hand-ground and hand-polished by us, here in Missoula, Montana.

Stainless steel works better than lead-filled plated brass, for example, because it can be resurfaced over and over by renewed grinding and polishing.
For example, if you drop your bar on concrete and ding it up, just send it to us and we’ll renew it and return it to you.

There are three designs (all three are equally popular):

Bluegrass Bar:
This is the bar that’s known for being slightly shorter, slightly thinner and with smaller serrations along the top edge.
Its called the “BlueGrass” bar because the slightly smaller, slightly lighter design makes for potentially faster movements.
The length of the bar covers the string spacing very well, but without much wasted overhang. This makes the user become more efficient while using this bar.

Full Bar:
This is the original bar design by EG Smith. It is full width and full length, and, the serrations are bolder on the top edge.

Smooth Bar:
Same basic dimensions as the “Full” bar, but with smooth top edge with NO serrations.

Happy Sliding!