New Evan Smith Guarneri model – Orange/Amber Varnish


This is a fine sounding violin for symphony violinist or serious contest fiddler.


New  /  One-piece Back
Handmade  /  Ebony fittings

This new Evan Smith Guarneri model violin with orange/amber varnish is quite a nice instrument. Handmade by Evan Smith, using Salmon River valley Englemann Spruce. Even his varnish is handmade by him, starting with sourcing his tree sap resins and pitch from these same Idaho forests. Nothing comes to him pre-made from any other shop, except the pegs, tailpiece, etc.

These instruments have great voice and expression that is the result of a few decades of Evan Smith building and voicing instruments. These violins are in the hands of a wide variety of players, from contest fiddlers, western swing soloists, recording artists, teachers, and so on.
Over the years we’ve always noted that whenever a real good violinist comes by our store or our store booth at a show or festival, they tend to stop and park themselves at the Evan Smith violins when they discover them.

“Projection without being loud” is a good way to describe them in a general way. They are known as fine tone producers by many players in our area.