Evan Smith Amber 4/4 Violin- SOLD


Wonderful violin from noted Idaho maker, Evan Smith.



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Like new Evan Smith 4/4 Violin with extras. Traditionally made with Figured Maple back and sides, Maple neck, Englemann Spruce top, Ebony fingerboard and Boxwood fittings.

Evan Smith violins are used by many professional players, a couple worth mentioning are Emily Franz (Mandolin Orange), and Paul Anastasio.
Evan has accomplished a rare feat in his voicing… The violins do not sound so overtly powerful, yet a very clear attack and tone can be heard distinctly when standing 175 feet away from the instrument in outside air! No kidding, this special ability to project without seeming to be “loud” is a rare attribute. Instruments that have this projection tend to be easily heard in open air jams and heard on stage in single mic playing, even when 6 or 8 feet from the mic.

Wonderful violin in nearly new condition with upgrades.