Eleven Carboncaster Guitar – SOLD


Killer tele with best weight and balance and resonance. #8 of only 14 made.

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Extremely resonant lightweight tele style Carboncaster guitar. SN# 008 of only 14 made.

Exc (++) condition. There are a few pick scratches on the top, and some hand wear on the back of the neck.
Very lightweight, very resonant carbon fiber body. Maple neck with “V” profile and radiused Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Bone nut.
All Carboncaster components sourced from small specialty shops around the country – the body, the neck, the anodized P/G, the pickups, the hardware, etc.
Electronics from “RS Guitarworks”; Pickups are custom-wound from “Arcane”, with tapped bridge p/u; Hardware from “Glendale”; Gold anodized aluminum pickguard by “Anotone”; Deluxe Hardshell case from “G&G”.
Finish is ultra-thin nitro-cellulose lacquer, hand applied.

Great sound, with warmth. depth and character. This Carboncaster has the tonal characteristics you would expect traditionally from any quality telecaster despite the carbon fiber body.
It has great sustain and dynamic response.

No Kidding… this is just a wonderfully resonant Tele style guitar. Most players who try it out comment on the light weight, the perfect balance, the wonderful resonance, the vintage feel of the neck, etc.
We’ve had one or two tele players who say the Carboncaster ranks among best teles they’ve ever played.

We have heard comments that Eleven prematurely stopped construction of the Carboncaster because of cease and desist letter from Fender.

Originally these Eleven Carboncasters were selling around $5000 with case.
Even as we list ours below $3000, there are examples going as high as $6495.
Of course, our Carboncaster is quite a bit less than that…
Why not buy the coolest tele around and amaze your friends?
This guitar is in great original condition and comes in its original great hard case.

They look gorgeous – the antique’d Maple neck with Rosewood board contrast beautifully with the carbon fiber cloth of the body. The gold anodized pickguard completes the look.